When you first start ringing round for a quote to get some printed t-shirts for a charity event you can not believe how cheap they are, yes it does depend on the amount you order and how many colours are involved, but if you stop for a minute and think what it takes to produce from the cotton feilds of India picked and spun and delivered to the giant factories that turn them into wearable garments,

They are then dyed to as many colours as there is in the rainbow, which GILDAN on there GD01  t-shirt has 31 different colours ,which makes it even more difficult to pick!

With transport cost to factor in just to get to our shores, most printers have to buy from middle men like PRESTIGE who hold millions of pounds of stock at their warehouse and distribute down the chain to the printers or retailers.

Once you have picked your t-shirt and colour the next stage is your logo, brand or design most printers will have a graphic designer for all this so its pretty straight forward ,but the real work is in making the silk screens for the design and screen printing onto the t-shirt to produce the finish garment and from as little as £1.52 delivered,

So if you are in the market for some printed t-shirts and you are on a tight budget check out LOGOS UNLIMITED , they deliver the best price and fast turn around at great prices all year round.